veryLA's Guide to "Should I move to LA?"

So you want to move to Los Angeles. Sure, come on over! It's fun! All the numbers below are straight up ball-parked approximations from someone that lives in LA. Here is a list to calibrate your expectations:


  • $1300-1700 with a roommate
  • $2000-2800 to live by yourself
  • check out our rent list

General state of rentals

Do not expect new construction. Lots of stuff was built in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Some of it has charm, a lot of it doesn't. Make sure it comes with parking. Everything else is a bonus.

How much should I be earning to live comfortably in Los Angeles?

This one is actually backed by science - its $19.47/hour.

We measure distance in time not miles

Nothing is as close as you think. Just because something is 5 miles away doesn't mean its close by car. Try to live as close as possible to work and where you want to play.

Do I need a car?

Most likely, yes. The city is huge. LA's metro doesn't even go to the airport (yet) to give you a sense of how thought out it is.

How much is a coffee and a pastry?

Expect to pay $10-$14

How much is a drink?

  • $10-$11 is a very good price
  • $12-$16 is typical
  • $17-$20 shouldn't surprise you

How much is a normal meal (excluding chain fast food)?

  • $11-$12 is a very good price
  • $13-$18 is typical
  • $18-$23 shouldn't surprise you

I'll find a job when I get to LA

Have a job lined up. It's expensive.